Indication of the drug: Sorafenib (sorafenib)
– metastatic renal cell carcinoma;
– hepatocellular carcinoma

Method of application sorafenib:
Inside. The recommended dose is 800 mg / day. It is  possible to take  Sorafenat on an empty stomach, and with food. It is desirable that the food does not contain a large amount of fat, as it helps reduce the bioavailability of  sorafenib .
Treatment of  Sorafenat is  discontinued if the clinical effect disappears.
The drug should be discontinued also if  an unacceptable toxic effect arises against the background of Sorafenat treatment  .
Dose reduction up to 400 mg / day may be required if there are various side effects.
No information on Sorafenat application  in patients with impaired hepatic function and in patients who are on hemodialysis.

Special instructions:
Treatment of  Sorafenat is  carried out under the supervision of a doctor who has experience of antitumor therapy.
During the entire course of taking  Sorafenat  , monitoring of peripheral blood counts (leukocyte count and platelets) is required.
Most often, adverse reactions to the administration of  Sorafenat  were skin reactions, especially in the limbs, and rashes. As a rule, they were the first or second degree of severity, and their manifestation was noted during the first 6 weeks of therapy. Such undesirable reactions can be doped with Sorafenat dose  reduction, appropriate treatment. With repeated repetition of these side effects, as well as in case of their severe manifestation, treatment with sorafenib can not be continued.
During the course of taking  Sorafenat,  you should regularly monitor the patient’s blood pressure to prevent the development of hypertension. If necessary, prescribe antihypertensive drugs. With the development of severe or persistent hypertension is possible to cancel the drug.
When prescribing  Sorafenat  in combination with warfarin, prothrombin time, INR and clinical signs of bleeding should be regularly determined.
To prescribe or resume therapy with  Sorafenat In the case of surgical interventions, a special solution is required, which should be based on an assessment of the adequacy of wound healing.
Therapy with  Sorafenat  can be stopped when there are signs of ischemia and / or myocardial infarction, perforation of the gastrointestinal tract.
Sorafenat  Sorafenib (sorafenib) should be used with caution in combination with drugs that are metabolized / excreted mainly with the participation of UGT1A1 (irinotecan), as well as with docetaxel.
Patients with a risk of renal dysfunction should monitor the water-electrolyte balance.

Sorafenat (Sorafenat) is a drug with proven efficacy for the treatment of thyroid cancer that progresses with radioactive iodine therapy, as well as for the treatment of certain types of kidney cancer and liver cancer that can not be surgically treated. Sorafenib The price of the drug, you can buy Sorafenib from India.


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