Lenalid 25mg

Lenalid 25 MG

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Let’s consider an elementary situation – you have serious health problems, and the need for medications is increasing every day. But after all, if you are not a very rich person and, at the moment, you are not yet fully able-bodied, it is quite possible that buying another money can become a serious problem for you. What to do? That’s where the generics come to the rescue. Generic is a drug that has absolutely the same composition and effectiveness as an advertised brand product, but it is much cheaper. One of these drugs, representing a new class of immunomodulators, is manufactured in India by Natco Pharma Ltd. The official generic of the drug “Revlimid” – Lenalid. Its main active substance – lenalidomide – has, in addition to immunomodulating, also a pronounced anti-angiogenic effect.  Let’s consider the use of the drug Rewlimid and it is most popular to date generic. Where can I buy the generic “Revlimid” Generics, despite the complete analogy of composition and effectiveness with the brand drug, have a lower cost, since the firm that received the license for their production does not spend money on technology development, testing, etc? Thanks to this, it is able to maintain its profitability with less price of manufactured medicines. Since often buy “Revlimate” (brand drug) the patient simply cannot, the benefit of this approach cannot be overemphasized. Judge for yourself, the Swiss drug “Revlimid” price, depending on the dosage, starts from 270 000 rubles, while his generic, manufactured by the Indian company “Natko”, costs 55 000 rubles. The difference is very noticeable!


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