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Geftinat 250 mg Tablets

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Geftinat is a new generation drug used in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. Geftinat is a generic (analogous) preparation of Iress, which has a high anticancer activity. The original tool is designed and manufactured in the US. Geftinat and Iressa have the same active ingredient – Gefitinib, therefore they have the same useful properties. An important difference between these two drugs is the cost. Prices for generics are several times lower, so they are more affordable. Indication for use in non-small cell lung cancer, in a locally advanced form or with metastases. As the first line of chemotherapy is used in the presence of the receptors of EGF (epidermal growth factor) mutations of the tyrosine kinase domain.



Geftinat 250 mg tablets

The main effect of Gefitinib 250 tablets are aimed at blocking tyrosine kinase in the receptors of the epidermal growth factor. This mechanism allows to achieve the following results: inhibition of tumor growth, a decrease in the probability or a slowing down of the rates of metastasis, inhibition of angiogenesis, acceleration of apoptosis of tumor cells. The list of useful properties of Geftinate also includes an increase in the antitumor activity of other chemotherapeutic drugs, along with it the effectiveness of hormonal and radiotherapy is also increasing. Therefore, complex treatment takes precedence.

Do not forget that the effect of Gefitinib is associated with an increase in the time of disease progression, i.e. an increase in the period of remission or a period before the onset of a relapse. These data are confirmed statistically.

Chemotherapy is associated with a high risk of intoxication of the body, which affects the vital organs, worsening the general well-being of the patient. Because of this, any antitumor drug has a number of contraindications and can have some side effect, worsening the quality of life.

The most important contraindication is self-medication. After all, the patient is not able to assess the benefit-harm ratio of this medication. Before applying, a thorough examination by a medical specialist in oncology is required, which will carry out the necessary diagnostic procedures, take into account the general condition of the patient and prescribe additional medications or medical procedures. Therapy should also take place under the supervision of a doctor.

The main contraindications: pregnancy, the period of gestation and lactation, children’s age until the age of 18 and the presence of allergies to the active substance or ancillary components.

In most cases, the occurrence of side effects is not considered a contraindication for the continuation of therapy. The most frequent secondary undesirable effects are itching, rash, nausea, diarrhea, asthenia. They are reversible. Their frequency is about 20%. More serious side effects with significant deterioration of health appear in 8% of cases. The withdrawal of the drug due to high levels of intoxication is carried out not more often than in 1% of cases. The daily dosage of the active ingredient of the anti-cancer drug Geftinat is 250 mg. It is prescribed regardless of the patient’s condition, age, sexual or racial affiliation, kidney function or liver failure in either of two forms (moderate or severe) associated with metastatic liver damage, body weight.

Keep the drug in a dry place, protected from sun and inaccessible to children, at a temperature of 15 to 30 ° C. Date of manufacture and shelf life are indicated on the packaging.


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