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The disease called “Hepatitis” is divided into several subspecies, but each of them is characterized by inflammation of the liver. The patient may not even know what the disease is. There are two forms of hepatitis: acute and chronic. And when a person finds out about his diagnosis, the disease can already take root in his nutria. One of the most dangerous species is Hepatitis C. Its main characteristic is chronic form since it develops in almost every patient. Symptoms are poorly expressed, so they are often confused with other diseases:



Ways of infection

• Non-sterile medical instruments (usually syringes).

• Blood transfusion.

• Sexually (not a high percentage of probability).

The external environment acts on the virus slowly, so it remains in it from 16 hours to 4 days. And if you do not take any measures aimed at treatment, then the chances of recovery are very small.

Virso (sophosbuvir) + Dactovin (daklatasvir) – treatment of hepatitis C

In an unequal battle with the disease, a potent Dactovin drug will help you. The Indian generic Virso + Dactovin will help not only stop the virus, but also completely cure the human body of hepatitis C 1-4 genotypes. Dactovin + Strides in combination with Sophosbuvir has proved to be the best among patients who suffer from cirrhosis of the liver. The drug is produced under the license of the North American organization Gilead Sciences in India.


It is produced in the form of round tablets in quantity of 28 pieces in one package. The active substance of Dactovin is daklatasvir. If you are interested, Dactovin (daclatasvir), Strides – what color pills, then in the photo of the medication you can see that Dictavin has an orange color.

pharmachologic effect

It is noted that the action is intensified and the therapy is most effective when combined with other drugs against hepatitis C. Dactovin blocks the virus in the cells. He loses the ability to multiply and stand out in the blood. It should be noted that about Dactovin reviews are mostly positive.

Indications for use

In the spectrum of action of daklatasvira fall all four types of hepatitis. Data from the studies show that during the initial therapy with the drug after 12 weeks, a stable virologic response was obtained in almost all patients. The course of treatment depends on the genotype of the disease. The Virso + Dactovin + Strides scheme is especially popular.

Dosing and Administration

A very convenient schedule of administration – once a day in a dose that the doctor indicates. The intake of the drug is not dependent on food intake. It is recommended to swallow the tablet completely and drink a small amount of water. The course of treatment should be performed up to 6 months (the terms are determined individually by the doctor). Most often, chronic hepatitis can be cured with the drug within three months. If the disease has passed to cirrhosis, then the treatment period will last up to six months. There are cases when it took a year to take Dictavin (all individually). Dose and timing should be adjusted by a qualified specialist. If you missed taking the pill, never take a double dose. About Virso + Dactovin reviews you can read on our forum.


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